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What is an Owners Corporation?

When a plan of subdivision is registered and common property is created, an Owners Corporation (formally Body Corporate) is deemed to exist.

Overseeing maintenance and repairs of the beautiful place we call home, the Jubilee Owners Corporation Committee makes sure our parks, wetlands and playgrounds are kept clean and tidy for our residents’ use.

The Owners Corporation is the body made up of all the owners in a strata scheme, it has the responsibility for maintaining and repairing the common property of the owners corporation, managing the finances of the owners corporation and taking out insurance of the Owners Corporation.

An Owners Corporation can be a building, or an estate, it can be as small as two lots or it can be as big as 10,000 lots, it can be residential, commercial, retail, industrial or mixed use.

Relative to an estate such as yours, the perfect example of common property would be the Leisure Centres.

What are the benefits of having a Homeowners Association?

The Jubilee Homeowners Association is a governing body that carries out the following functions to ensure the neighbourhood is a place that you can be proud to live in:

  • Repair and maintenance of common property including maintenance and watering of all vegetation, plants and trees
  • Maintenance and management of recreation facilities e.g. the Club Jubilee One water park
  • Presents a body for the community to contact for estate-related items
  • Provides a secure element to daily activities within the estate
  • Helps in maintaining a high standard in the overall estate

Owners Corporation Responsibilities

The registered lot holders on the plan of subdivision are the members of the owners corporation whereas the Owners Corporation has statutory functions to fulfil.

Whilst the functions of an Owners Corporation are more particularly prescribed in the Owners Corporations Act 2006 and Owners Corporations Regulations 2007, they are primarily:

Manage and administer estate common property; insure, repair and maintain.Regulatory; enforce estate owners corporation rules and design guidelines.

Residents Committee

An Owners Corporation Committee is elected at a general meeting and must have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12 members.The Member of the Committee are Members of the Owners Corporation.

The Committee elects a Chairperson and Secretary and is delegated the power by the owners corporation to periodically meet and conduct activities and actions so that the owners corporation fulfils its statutory functions.

Committee decisions and actions are duly recorded in minutes of Committee Meetings.
In accord with the above, the agenda for the first meeting of a newly elected Committee Meeting, may look something like this;
  • Election of Office Bearers, Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer;
  • Election of any required Sub Committees (would include a Human Resources Sub Committee to overview and assess estate staff),
  • Reminder that Committee Members must act honestly and in good faith in performance of their functions, with due car & diligence and not make improper use of their position;
  • Confirm minutes of previous Committee Meeting;
  • Review Committee Action List;
  • Confirm and adopt Owners Corporation Manager’s Debt Recovery Procedure;
  • Confirm and adopt Owners Corporation Manager’s Rule & Design Guideline Breach enforcement process;
  • Consider and adopt periodic Financial Accounts;
  • Maintenance Plan review and adoption;
  • Consider and adopt Leisure Centre Manager’s Report (would include service contract reviews, repairs & maintenance items and other operational issues pertaining to the Leisure Centre);
  • Consider and adopt Community Development Officer’s Report (would include review, consideration and progress of all estate and community actions and initiatives).

Owners Corporation Manager

An Owners Corporation Manager is a professional responsible for ensuring that the Owners Corporation fulfils its obligations under the Owners Corporations Act 2006 and Owners Corporations Regulations 2007.

Engine Estates Management Pty Ltd (“Engine”) is the appointed Owners Corporation Managers for the estate and is a recognised leader and dual award winner in the provision of Owners Corporation Management services to award winning estates.
Under contract to the Owners Corporation, Engine are delegated the following duties and responsibilities;
  • Establish, open and conduct bank accounts.
  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Keep books of accounts covering all income and expenditure and assets and liabilities of the Owners Corporation
  • Prepare periodic and annual financial statements covering all income and expenditure and assets and liabilities of the Owners Corporation
  • Prepare budgets for consideration and approval by the Owners Corporation;
  • Issue Contribution Notices
  • Pay invoices on behalf of the Owner Corporation
  • Arrange insurance valuation for the Owners Corporation covering the cost and reinstatement & replacement of buildings (Leisure Centres)
  • Arrange insurance quotations and pay insurance premium on behalf of the Owners Corporation
  • Maintain the Owners Corporation Register which includes the names & addresses of all owners
  • Convene Owners Corporation Meetings

Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch initiatives at Jubilee are an important way of combatting burglary, theft and vandalism through a collective effort of supervising our homes and immediate environment, helping reduce the opportunity for thieves to steal desirable goods. Neighbourhood Watch helps reassure our residents of their safety and demonstrates the strong community spirit that flows through Jubilee! It’s about keeping an eye out for your neighbours and neighbourhood but importantly building a true sense of belonging which builds security in everyone having good relationships within the community.

Community Interest Groups

Community developed interest groups are important resources that provide a sense of shared meaning and purpose for individuals and families. The ongoing introduction of interest groups at Jubilee, which could include walking, yoga or craft, will be an effective way in building and sustaining social connectedness and greater well-being, both emotionally and physically for our residents. We continue to build on this as our Jubilee community continues to grow.

Community Events

Our Jubilee community helps unite us and gives us the opportunity to connect with our fellow residents; helping us reach for collective goals and feel safe and secure in our vibrant, vital and real neighbourhoods. At Jubilee, we celebrate our strong sense of community with engagement initiatives and events that allow residents to socialise, be interactive and rejoice, bringing our valued residents together and to further build on our spirit. It’s all about the little joys that make Jubilee your place to come to and call home!

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