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When do I need to start building

Purchasers need to start building their homes within 12 months of settling on their land, with homes to then be completed within 12 months of construction commencing.

When will the shopping centres be built?

First stage of the multi-million-dollar Neighbourhood Centre is now complete - The IGA Jubilee Plus Liquor is now opened, with four specialty stores to follow.  Land has been set aside for the second stage and timing of delivery is currently being determined.  
A 6.6ha future town centre – known as Jubilee Central plus an additional 32.5ha of office and commercial space – known as the Employment Hub, will become the social and civic heart of Jubilee

What schools are available?

With a future P-12 Catholic School and planned Government School, Jubilee will provide vital education right on your doorstep for your children's future. A mix of seven established Primary and Secondary Schools are already here now, all within a short distance to Jubilee.  There are campuses located in Werribee for Melbourne, Deakin and Victoria Universities plus TAFE and vocational colleges are close by.  

Will there be public transport available?

Jubilee is across the road and minutes away from Wyndham Vale Train Station.  You are a quick 35-minute train ride from here which gets you into Melbourne CBD in no time.  The PTV Bus Route 191 conveniently runs throughout Jubilee which provides you with local and wider connectivity for all your transport needs. See Public Transport Victoria (

For further information about Wyndham Vale Train Station and Regional Rail Link services, please see here on the Public Transport Victoria website or click here to download the Local Area Map.

Will I have high speed internet?

Jubilee has high speed internet with connection to the National Broadband Network (NBN).

Who is the developer?

Jubilee’s developer is Lotus Living, a family-owned company with strong business and personal ties to the western suburbs.  It is the heartfelt mission of Lotus Living to make a positive contribution to Melbourne’s west by improving accessibility, liveability and community spirit - to celebrate you and how you want to live your life.  Jubilee is proudly their signature development and will leave a lasting legacy.  A humble motto of Lotus Living is building communities with true heart and soul.

When do I need to complete my landscaping by?

Six months after receiving your Certificate of Occupancy issued by your builder who has constructed your home. See Jubilee Design Guidelines for all details around landscaping and our landscaping rebate offer.

How much stamp duty do I need to pay?

Stamp duty is a charge which is applied by state governments in Australia, in relation to the transfer of land or property. The amount of stamp duty payable varies between states and is dependent on the circumstances of your purchase. To avoid unexpected costs, try Infochoice’s Stamp Duty Calculator to get a basic estimate of what you may have to pay in each state in Australia.

Can I receive the First Home Buyers Grant?

Download our Jubilee FHB guideline brochure for everything you need to know - here.

How much can I borrow and what will my loan repayments be?

Download our Jubilee FHB guideline brochure for everything you need to know - here.

What should I be aware of when buying a new home?

There are a range of factors that should be considered before you buy a home or block of land.
It is recommended that all buyers perform due diligence prior to purchasing property. You may like to consult local council, lawyers, conveyancers and building surveyors. Consumer Affairs Victoria also provides a handy resource that covers common due diligence requirements around purchasing property, as well as further handy resources.

How do I get access to Club Jubilee Aquatic Centre?

You must be a resident of Jubilee, either an owner occupier or a tenant (With approval provided by your landlord).  All residents receive a Welcome Pack first, which has all the information you need about Club Jubilee.  In order to access Club Jubilee Aquatic Centre and Gymnasium facilities, residents over 13 years of age must book and complete an induction, which is a walkthrough of the facility where a staff member explains the ‘Rules of Use’, access, safety and amenities of Club Jubilee. 

For any Jubilee residents:  Please call Bluefit on (03) 9115 1535 or email with any queries: or visit our Amenity page for further details.

Can I invite friends to Club Jubilee Aquatic Centre?

Members may bring up to four guests (per adult member per lot) at a time (subject to a maximum of eight passes based on two adults per lot). Guests must be signed in via the guest register/sign-in book with a member present.  There is also a fee ($5) to pay per guest/s.    

If I am a landlord who doesn’t live in Jubilee, 
can I still use Jubilee Aquatic Centre?

No, only residents of Jubilee may use Club Jubilee which includes owner/occupier/s or tenant/s.

If I am a tenant of Jubilee, can I use Jubilee One?

Yes, tenants are eligible to use the facility, however they do require approval from the homeowner/s. Subject to approval and completion of a consent form by both owner/s and tenants that must be completed.

Yes you do need permission.  Each tenant will need to provide evidence that they are the tenant of a home at Jubilee, as well as completing and signing some documents from the homeowner agreeing to sign over access to the facility to the tenant.

All residents receive a Welcome Pack and contained herein are these necessary forms that need to be completed by home owner/s and tenant/s. Please contact your managing real estate agent or landlord directly to enquire about access to the facility. Otherwise, you can also contact the facility on (03) 9115 1535 or email with any queries:

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