Jubilee Celebrates Winning Design Awards


Jubilee Celebrates Winning Design Awards

14:13 21 August in News

Lotus Living, and their brand communications agency Traffic, are celebrating two silver awards for Jubilee at the recent Melbourne Driven X Design Awards.

A silver design award was won for the Jubilee Sales & Information Centre in the Marketing – Branded Experience category which was judged on technical, conceptual and aesthetic elements to create an engaging user experience.

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jubilee-sales-centre-displaySlide thumbnail
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jubilee-sales-centre-interactive3Slide thumbnail
jubilee-sales-centre-cinemaSlide thumbnail
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jubilee-sales-centre-interactive1Slide thumbnail

A second silver award was given to The Jubilee Festival in the Marketing – Event category with judges impressed by the originality, creativity, and audience engagement of the Festival in this business event category.

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jubilee-ferris-wheelSlide thumbnail
jubilee-fairy-flossSlide thumbnail

jubilee-face-paintSlide thumbnail
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Jubilee-castleSlide thumbnail
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Jubilee is proud to win these Driven X Design Awards that celebrate creative and innovative design and those leading the way forward in the industry. Just as you’ll be proud to join the community at Jubilee for the life you’ve been waiting for, like nothing you expected!

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