It’s official – Jubilee’s Linear Park has arrived!

14:42 04 July in Community

Jubilee is excited to announce a highly-anticipated milestone. We have delivered on our Linear Park and it’s now open for all of our residents!   Home to state-of-the-art play equipment, our park offers a community space for current and future residents to enjoy.

As well as dedicated play areas for children, the Linear Park features fitness zones for adults.  Adjacent to our wonderful Display Village, the park sits amongst an abundance of open space and includes a swing set and a large climbing apparatus for children.

It features two custom built towers providing a challenge and an exciting space for children aged between 5-10 years old to explore and enjoy. The two curved stainless-steel slides are impressive in their aesthetic and maintain a designed cool surface to slide down in the Summer months thanks to the enclosed tubular design.

Also in the pipeline for starting in the near future, is Jubilee’s Stage 4 park which is connected to the Wetland playground via our linear landscape area.   This will feature a basketball court, a large kick about area and a shelter complete with BBQ facilities making for the perfect afternoon for the family.

Our new masterplanned community will provide Jubilee families access to ample open space including Wetlands, bike paths and walking trails totalling 77ha. Jubilee is proud of its ongoing commitment to supporting the health and wellbeing of the community and seeing the neighbourhood prosper.

So, works are roaring ahead across the board.  We can’t wait to share more  milestones with you as this incredible community comes to life.


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