No waiting for years

All the makings of a vital, vibrant community will be here from the town’s earliest days – coming to life at the same time as Jubilee’s first neighbourhood.

  • The Mill Quarter
    The first of Jubilee’s cozy, walkable, character-filled neighbourhoods, with no home more than 400 metres from a park.
  • Neighbourhood Centre
    Our multi-million dollar market-place style centre with café and alfresco dining.
  • Local Convenience Centre
    Part of the Neighbourhood Centre, your Local Convenience Centre will also include a boutique supermarket and deli, service station, specialty shops and more.
  • Independent Child Care Centre
    Experienced, secure care for your young children, conveniently located near the Neighbourhood Centre.
  • Community Park and Wetlands
    A stunning wetlands, parks and trails area in The Mill Quarter is the first of 77 hectares of green open space in Jubilee.
  • Local Village Park
    Conveniently located in the centre of The Mill Quarter is one hectare of dedicated open space with fitness stations, playgrounds, BBQ facilities and shelter.
  • Regular Community Activities
    From movie nights to fitness classes, bringing your community together.
  • Jubilee Homeowners Association
    Maintaining and protecting community interests and your investment.

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